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What is GMeta.One?

GMeta.One is a new-found innovation within the Metaverse. The project has a variety of aims both B2B and B2C, underpinned by the mission to bring together multiple Metaverse environments and users – via the ultimate Metaverse company/b2b marketplace. The GMeta.One Token is designed to be a metaverse coin, as utility has been established prior to presale surrounding the metaverse/web3 environment.

Our Metaverse Land

Metaverse Partners

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Our Metaverse Products Explained


Metaverse Real Estate

Our Real Estate proposition comes in multiple layers. Buy virtual land on a plot within the metaverse, or alternatively buy tokenized real estate that is already up for sale within the Metaverse. Buy real estate with crypto via our secure portal & marketplace, or alternatively go right back to basics with digital courses on tokenized real estate, catered to all levels from entry to expert.

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A Metaverse-Art NFT Marketplace

Create your own interoperable portfolio, buy and sell NFT art, and connect with a variety of like-minded artists and creators. Whether your pieces/products are designed to sell to businesses or users, GMeta.One provides the ultimate platform for you to showcase your skills. Access more users across a variety of metaverse via our interconnected dashboard.

Play to Earn

1-2-1 and Team Metaverse Tuition

Powered by GMetaOne Academy

Looking to learn about metaverse offerings? Unsure on Web3? Saw Zuckerberg change Facebook’s trading name and thought to learn ahead? The GMeta.One Academy is tailor-made for anyone within the metaverse ecosystem, whether you’re a fresh newbie looking to interact for the first time, or a MANA and SAND veteran – we have courses that are suited to your skillset.

Metaverse Digital Marketing & Advertising

Powered by GMetaOne Academy

Whilst we look to bring together multiple environments, we are also bridging the advertising sector within our marketplace. At present, it’s difficult to purchase advertising services within a metaverse, due to the sheer lack of knowledge and availability of a platform that brings together both users and advertisers. Our marketplace will allow advertisers to set up a variety of ad placements, including banner ads and other forms of digitized tertiary media. If you are a metaverse company looking to increase impression share, or a project looking to bring more users within the metaverse – GMeta.One has you covered!

1% Live Trading Room

Forex Partnership with Chris Cole

The 1% live trading room with @Dr.ChrisColeIAM is the premier educational trading experience. Members are educated in Psychology, Risk Management, and execution principles with @DrChrisColeIAM as he navigates the Markets in Real Time. Dr.Cole having over 14 years of experience in the Markets and over a decade in the Cryptocurrency space students experience a robust and diverse approach to the world of finance. The 1% trade room is dedicated to helping all of its members shape their financial future. The GMeta.One community will be given exclusive access to the 1% room, with a selection of NFTs up for grabs – awarded to the best students!

Play To Earn Crypto Games

No metaverse environment is complete without a p2e games product. GMeta.One is no different, as we look to connect multiple facets to our proposition to increase engagement. P2E is a massively growing vertical, and with it comes an abundance of users internationally. Our games are currently in development, and will be integrated into the ecosystem very soon – allowing users to win $GMO tokens just for playing!

Play to Earn


Gmeta.One will launch a community driven token to help and sustain the growth of the Gmeta.One platform. Tokens will be needed to play NFT games, purchase NFTs, enroll in Metaverse education, and anything related to GMeta.One. The GMeta.One token is currently undergoing presale, with 5 stages to be filled before launch of Token. The GMeta.One Token will be one of the only token offerings in the space with $2.5 million in starting liquidity.

Contract Address

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Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

PResale 20%

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Steps to Success

Token Launch on BSC

Digital Marketing with Coinpresso

Bridge Launch (ETH) Staking Own Swap Portal NFT Showcase P2E Gaming Platform

Metaverse Gaming Development

NFT Marketplace

Voxel Art Editor




Is Live

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