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$GMONE Metaverse Token | NFT Token

GMeta.One and native NFT token $GMONE

$GMONE is GMeta.One Metaverse Token. DeFi projects have a digital currency attached to their function and utilization. The native digital currency of the GMeta.One multipoint, virtual-web3 world is our metaverse utility token – $GMONE.

GMetaOne Token

Our native $GMONE metaverse token fundamentally propels the various utilities associated with the GMeta.One business network and operation. $GMONE is the market-tradable digital cryptocurrency empowering the operation of our highly-integratable blockchain and metaverse-related network of utility.

We respond quickly to ever-rapidly evolving technology, keeping us unique, even for typically progressive NFT tokens. $GMONE powers the operations of GMeta.One metaverse platform, which includes:

  • Virtual land purchases
  • Digital land development
  • NFT and avatar creation
  • Business and contractor advertising
  • Digital ad space rent
  • Virtual events and event space rental

$GMONE Metaverse Token 100% live presale

The GMeta.One live presale is your opportunity to buy the $GMONE metaverse token, which empowers its holders with the power to purchase all of the amazing NFT and virtual assets available through our marketplace. GMeta.One land parcels are also available for exchange in $GMONE.

The presale contests and competitions are designed to give even greater incentives to early investors. Token matches, NFT giveaways, cars, VR kits, and more are being given to our community members for their participation and help as recruiters, bringing others to the GMeta.One platform to experience similar benefits as $GMONE holders.

Advertise in the Metaverse
Tokenized Property

$GMONE Metaverse Token powered by continuous development

The demand for our native $GMONE NFT token is perpetuated by the continued development of GMeta.One virtual space. Our NFT platform is a fitting live example of active platform developments which benefit the $GMONE token. Our NFT platform expands as the GMeta.One ecosystem expands.

Active development drives potential demand in the future, which impacts the associated digital currency – $GMONE. All activity is conducted within GMeta.One metaverse requires a currency to drive the operations and platform functioning along for users to continually benefit from our unique metaverse domain.

Our native $GMONE cryptocurrency bridges together the layers of our multiple virtual world platforms seamlessly, and provides an expansion in the marketing and development budget through an apportionment of the small 2.5% buy and sell tax on every transaction.

$GMONE tokenomics provide a competitive, market-focused edge

$GMONE Tokenomics has a very modest 2.5% buy-and-sell tax on all trades. This helps us create a continual currency flow that partitions into marketing and development, buybacks and token burns, and staking.

Constant liquidity is provided to GMeta.One staking pools in this way. Funds accessed by NFT holders who choose from our evolving staking options are always being replenished through this and other mechanisms we designed in part, to feed our robust GMeta.One staking pool.

Our 2.5% tax is split between three categories. These three share the proceeds of the minimal token tax on all trading, in order to continue the development of our digital metaverse and corresponding utility-based ecosystem:

  • 2.5% Token tax
  • Burn and buyback – 1%
  • Marketing and Development – 1%
  • Staking – .5%
Virtual Property
Virtual Property

$GMONE holders can buy NFTs with virtual reality gaming implication

$GMONE can be used to purchase GMeta.One NFTs with functionality in our metaverse. Our avatar creators lab will offer another one-of-a-kind non-fungible token. This utility is also powered by transactions in $GMONE.

Our NFTs with encoded in-metaverse technology make them both relevant and equally valuable in the expanded virtual GMeta.One platform. $GMONE Metaverse Token can be used to purchase our NFTs which have a wide range of valuable functions and benefits:

  • GMetaOne Academy access is worth over $250 USD
  • VIP Discord channel with GMeta.One team
  • 1 VIP entrance to GMeta.One worldwide event
  • 1-month banner advertising on one of our GMeta.One lands

$GMONE Metaverse Token holders benefit from advances in Blockchain technology

The $GMONE Metaverse Token drives the multi-faceted GMeta.One ecosystem. The metaverse-aligned proposition that we have fundamentally developed, builds upon the precepts of property and asset tokenization, metaverse and blockchain education, NFT marketplace activity, NFT art, and metaverse advertising.

An increasing number of physical, bricks and mortar businesses and institutions are moving into the digital blockchain environment, and web3 metaverse landscape. 

This is substantiated by metrics like the astronomical increase in total market value over 2021.

The world’s leading tech companies – Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Apple spent 10’s of billions on metaverse research and development in 2021 alone. Other companies from different business sectors are doing the same. The $GMONE Metaverse Token has room to grow this way, with concentrated web3 development still building momentum.

How to buy NFT tokens & Virtual land with $GMONE in your wallet?

$GMONE is directly involved in our GMeta.One virtual land and ad space operations. GMeta.One digital land proposition, powering our interconnecting-hybrid metaverse, features land in prime and flourishing metaverse worlds. The tokenized property is bought using the $GMONE native digital currency.

Virtual land investing is a very big market, and developing. By purchasing land in the GMeta.One ecosystem virtual land investors gain the opportunity to have their property seen by millions of individuals constantly, so when it’s time to sell and move on to develop elsewhere, competition drives price just like in the non-virtual world.

Heavy traffic and plenty of unique sets of eyes seeing and considering the purchase of your digital property is a potential game-changer achieved because of the GMeta.One uniquely adjoined metaverse worlds.

Business in the metaverse

$GMONE Metaverse Token and virtual advertising utility

Advertising space is prime in the GMeta.One virtual world. We leverage the most popular metaverse worlds to develop the GMeta.One ecosystem amongst them. $GMONE holders are essentially benefitting from leveraging other metaverse communities since our land being bought, sold, and rented is being done so with the $GMONE Metaverse Token in the respective metaverse worlds.

Traditional and virtual companies are rushing to buy space in order to engage the growing number of individuals locked into the metaverse web3 iteration. $GMONE currency is used when advertisers on our business and advertisers marketplace want to list. This is intended to be a valuable proposition added to our digital ecosystem. $GMONE token holders are beneficiaries, along with GMeta.One tokenized property owners and developers. All types of contractors and businesses are actively looking for metaverse advertising space.

Blockchain developers
Web developers
NFT creators
Graphic designers
Virtual event planners

virtual advertising

Metaverse Token supply and other specific $GMONE details

The total $GMONE supply is 1 trillion tokens. Of the 1 trillion total supply, our 100% presale event made possible the distribution of 20% of our total $GMONE token supply to holders of the global public community. $GMONE holders, of course, benefit from GMeta.One blockchain technology, digitized art, NFT innovations, and all activity throughout our expansive ecosystem.

Our 1 trillion token supply is divided into 4 categories:

  1. $GMONE token burn – 40%
  2. Marketing and Development – 30%
  3. Global presale event – 20%
  4. Liquidity – 10%

The breakdown of the trillion token $GMONE supply is structured for the $GMONE community of holders to win. The value of our 20% public allocation is protected and driven by the other elements. 40% burn, along with the continued buyback and burn percentage taken from all $GMONE transactions, helps to create a sustainable scarcity of our metaverse and evolved NFT token. The next highest allocation going to development and marketing also pushes the important objective of staying ahead in the metaverse land, resource and development race.

Which blockchain does $GMONE operate on?

The blockchain network $GMONE operates and will initially be built on is the Binance Chain. The $GMONE metaverse Token and web3 DeFi project will also be integrated across the ERC-20 and Polygon networks over time, with liquidity being added on a multi-chain basis. 

$GMONE is the cryptocurrency that fuels the entire GMeta.One ecosystem. All purchases, trades and exchanges conducted within the GMeta.One digital platform, like NFT digital art and various other GMeta.One ecosystem mechanisms – rely upon $GMONE.

The organic real world use of the GMeta.One blockchain-integrated utilities, tokenized property and art, educational courses and other ecosystem components, will continue to expand and grow. Our core focus remains partly dedicated to that continued development and expansion, not only into the metaverse, but in our understanding and application of the most available science and technology.

$GMONE aligned for organic growth with virtual reality

Virtual reality technology has grown exponentially over recent years. The growing number of virtual reality platforms and regular public access to virtual reality devices all require blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to operate and function. This is how the $GMONE supply-demand chain is infrastructured to grow with the industry and space, and an indicator of why 24-hour token trade volume can be organically pressurized.

Our self-sustained ecosystem produces internally created trade volume, while we engage in constant external promotion. As future adopters continue to enter into the GMeta.One digital web3 world, and currency supply decreases because of apparatuses like $GMONE 40% token burn – our digital currency’s value is secured, price floor stable and the token environment is primed for healthy growth.

$GMONE Metaverse Token and future staking rewards

In another deliberate act to provide leverage, staking is included as an important element of the $GMONE fundamental ecosystem. Since our NFTs are not just “cool art” – but provide holders access to the GMeta.One staking pools, we’ve established concrete plans to offer other forms of staking for $GMONE token holders in the not too distant future.

We plan to offer crypto staking rewards to provide holders another avenue to earn crypto rewards passively just for holding our native cryptocurrency. Staking is a very useful mechanism that can potentially benefit our GMeta.One holders and project development goals.

Metaverse NFTs
$GMONE crypto connects different metaverse ecosystems

Our $GMONE token is a digital cryptocurrency that provides tangible value, similar to the process of tokenization, and how it creates shares of an actual asset digitized into a web3 virtual world.

The $GMONE token is the digital asset that connects our holders to the growth and productivity taking place in metaverses like Decentraland, a web3 world with a current market capitalization close to $5 billion. GMeta.One ecosystem intersects with Decentraland because of our metaverse development presence there, and in other evolving web3 economies.

The digital blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web3 technology fuse together to deliver opportunity. A new frontier is still emerging in which value is diligently being realized, captured, developed, and scaled repeatedly. $GMONE cryptocurrency operates in this digital landscape and possesses function and utility which is still largely untapped.

GMeta.One universal approach for blockchain technology adoption

Our token holders are in touch with other metaverse and DeFi projects because of the GMeta.One process flow which incorporates the traffic, development, and technology cultivated by other networks.

Many ambitious companies in the DeFi space actively search out opportunities to partner with other progressive companies in the interest of realizing new inventions and ultimately furthering cryptocurrency, metaverse, and digital adoption to the masses.

By aligning and partnering with other progressive blockchain and metaverse companies, we potentially add value to GMeta.One hybrid metaverse reality and $GMONE token. As our business operations intersect with other viable businesses, all involved parties gain potential benefits.

What drives the GMeta.One metaverse and $GMONE NFT token?

We designed the GMeta.One ecosystem to be broad and expansive in nature. From our educational platform to our blockchain-powered metaverse activities, the GMeta.One community, holders, and project potentially benefit.

NFT art listed for exchange on our GMeta.One NFT platform is obtainable by swapping in our native currency $GMONE. We’ve structured it this way so that all GMeta.One and related, unique services and products in and parallel, outside of the metaverse environment, are exclusively available via our own native digital currency.

Is $GMONE used for the GMetaOne Academy Metaverse educational platform?

Our token holders are in touch with other metaverse and DeFi projects because of the GMeta.One process flow which incorporates the traffic, development, and technology cultivated by other networks.

The GMetaOne Academy is our blockchain-empowered digital educational platform. We constructed our own version of a digital school with a target focus to help enrollees cut through and gain a more in-depth understanding of metaverse, crypto, and digital blockchain concepts.

The ultimate GMetaOne Academy goal is to arm students with the ability to interact with the metaverse reality and its underlying blockchain technology concepts. Enrollees learn about crypto and specifics to help them engage the digital space in order to take advantage of the many opportunities.

$GMONE is the cryptocurrency used to access the digital courses offered on our educational platform. We are committed to constant development and utility expansion, like the GMetaOne Academy and our educational offerings.

$GMONE powers all this and more. Everything moving on our GMeta.One platform is powered and moved by our native $GMONE cryptocurrency. Holders, including metaverse users who need our coin to engage, all benefit from the expansive GMeta.One interconnected ecosystem.

See just how easy is to buy $GMONE NFT tokens through our GMeta.One live presale page. Our 100% live presale event permits individuals access to purchase $GMONE before launch on BSC and other blockchain networks down the road. $GMONE holders get to take advantage of all the powerful benefits $GMONE brings with it, like investing in virtual land, and Web3 assets, and also take advantage of the movement of our currency throughout the expansive GMeta.One ecosystem.

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