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GMetaOne PreSale Is Currently Ongoing

GMetaOne PreSale Is Currently Ongoing. You can be the 1 ahead of the game!

We’re GMetaOne (Architects Of Metaverse).

We are thrilled to showcase our GMetaOne presale. Are you ready for the future? 

We recognize that blockchain technology is still new to a lot of people, but we want to make sure you know that it’s not just a tech thing, genuinely it’s something that can transform the world. And what better way than by helping us construct a better future for ourselves?

GMetaOne Token ($GMOPA) planned to use decentralized markets for people, organizations, and corporations to purchase and sell digital items. It will be comparable to Uber or Airbnb but it’s much more than that.

GMetaOne is a new sort of platform that links individuals with items they need, desire, or simply dream about.

We are thrilled to announce our presale of the GMETA token, which is planned to launch after round 5 on PancakeSwap!

GMetaOne Presale
GMetaOne Presale

Who Are We?

GMETA.One is one of the most popular players in the metaverse, recognized as Architects Of Metaverse bridging the gap in the digital world.

Currently, we are on the Smart Chain (BSC) Network and work is continuing to deploy at launch to the Ethereum and Polygon Network for rapid and efficient interaction with the metaverse. 

The platform offers a safe and secure environment for developers to trade their ideas, goods, and services with individuals who need them.

The platform also enables a means for developers to work with each other so they can make better things quicker, which will eventually lead to more successful companies and more people being able to acquire these goods/services immediately! is Architect of Metaverse, and we want to help you create a presence in it. That’s why we allow all of our customers access to our virtual area, Heights and others, where you can create an avatar, customize your apartment, and have a place to call your own directly in the metaverse. 

Current State Of The Presale

The GMetaOne or GMO Token ($GMOPA) is panned to officially launch directly after PreSale, at the end of the 5th Round on PancakeSwap!

We may estimate a period similar to the past growth, but there is no conceivable method to anticipate the precise date as it relies on the pace of community expansion and purchase of the GMetaOne presale. 

GMetaOne Token is planned to Launch with 2.5 Million USD in Locked liquidity to assure a prosperous future with a SUPER STRONG Foundation!

Currently, the presale of the token is continuing and in round 2 which means after round 2, the price for each unit of token rises.

What Is The Minimum Purchase?

The minimum GMetaOne Presale Token purchase as of today is $5 (USD) providing you 202,500 units of $GMOPA Token and there is no limit to the number of tokens you may acquire.

Note: Purchasing a $50 (USD) worth or more of $GMOPA tokens during the daily Telegram calls, from Monday to Friday, will provide you the unique possibility of owning an NFT Star as a symbol of recognition which will be placed in our GMETA.One Heights and in the GMETA.One Land. Beautiful!

GMetaOne Presale

GMOPA Token Utility

For usefulness, these tokens are for anything linked to the GMETAONE family of goods and services. $GMOPA is the grandparent of the Official coin being introduced after all presale phases conclude.

You may use $GMOPA to buy through our DAPP or Website the following GMetOne items or services: 

  • GMetOneVerse NFT Land
  • NFT utility Buildings for GMetOneVerse
  • NFT Road Names in GMetOneVerse
  • Venue rentals in GMetOneVerse
  • NFT Monuments for GMetOneVerse
  • Venue rental in other Digital World parcels
  • NFT wearables
  • Building contracting services
  • Billboard purchase and Retal in GMetOneVerse
  • Billboard rentals in other Digital Universes
  • Digital Universe Activations
  • Digital Universe or Metaverse Education
  • Advertising Services
  • And a Lot More on its way

What Makes Our Presale So Special?

We are the first DeFi initiative to give the 50% match incentive for level 2 referrals and a 100% match bonus for level 1 referrals. We wanted to provide a large thank you for the referrals with a visible gesture, and the matched referral was a way to achieve so in tandem with other prizes.

Also, we are giving away Dodge SRT Hellcats, Oculus Quest 2s, and rare GMeta.One NFT. There are 4 categories that we selected to arrange our prizes around. The top 10 in each category from each round will win a free GMeta. One NFT. The categories are:

Team builders, gain credit for the number of team members they recruit on stages one and two

Top recruiters, who gain credit for direct referrals

Top team contributor who is responsible for actively recruiting the most token purchases in the GMeta.One presale rounds

The top investors are the folks that purchase the most towards GMeta.One in each of the 5 presale rounds.

It is vital to remember GMetaOne Presale token price rises with each round as fewer tokens remain after the completion of the round.

The top 10 winners from each round earn NFTs, and the top 10 overall from the scoreboard will get free rare GMeta.One NFT, and will be eligible for lifelong staking rewards into a staking pool planned to be financed with $300,000 and constantly refilled by all transactions in the GMeta.One ecosystem; 

Percentages from token buys and sells, future NFT sales, future blockchain games, buying, selling, and renting of land in the metaverse, and all of the other increasing GMeta.One use case will go into the staking pool cash for NFT stakeholders to gain from. 

The 5 rounds we prepared would offer people many opportunities to win.

Also, we decided to gift the first 300 persons who purchase $10,000 or more worth of $GMOPA in our GMetaOne Presale, a free rare VIP NFT which gives the possessor unique access to GMeta.One platinum membership and a chance to win 1 of 3 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats!

We wanted to convey our respect and sincerity about this, being a community-driven token and initiative. We are devoted to our holders and GMetaOne community.

The GMeta.One platinum membership will provide a VIP ticket to all GMeta.One events and preferential access to our GMeta.One NFT virtual land sales, priority to all GMeta.One staking pool, and VIP access to GMeta.One club globally, early access to our academy, and a single unique metaverse advertising place.

There is also an incredible benefit for taking part of the GMetaOne Presale right now, you get to earn a share of 5% of All Tokens, products and services sales during the GMetaOne Token Presale.

But the best benefit is that any token you purchase, as long you hold it, you have the opportunity to earn a share of 5% on all profit from the sales of Products and Services on GMetone Shop even after the GMetaOne Presale Ends!

This feature will be Coded on the Smart contract and it will pay you for life, as long you hold your purchased tokens. 

You’re undoubtedly wondering: “Why should I join the GMetaOne Presale?”

Well, here are some reasons.

First of all, the GMetaOne Token is intending to Launch with 2.5 Million USD in Locked liquidity to assure a prosperous future with a SUPER STRONG Foundation! Currently, the presale of the token is continuing and in round 2 which means after round 2, the price for each unit of token rises.

Second of all, we have previously demonstrated our dependability by completing PreSale Round 1 which was finished at 100%. Also, our token can already be used to buy digital items on our marketplace which implies our tokens are being used even before the official launch which is a unique occurrence in the cryptocurrency industry.

We will work hard to make sure that everyone who acquires GMETAOne Tokens during our Presale receives the best possible value.

And lastly, joining our presale is a terrific chance for investors to acquire exposure to fresh blockchain initiatives like ours!

To summarise, by Joining GMetaOne Presale you are:

  • Getting a Token on Presale with pre-established utility
  • Receiving a token with a pre-established value
  • Joining an incredible Community
  • Becoming part of history in the making
  • Helping to create desire and demand of our token, products and services
  • you start earning a share of 5% of all token, products and services sales. 

If you have questions or want more information about GMetaOne feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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