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Property tokenization on GMeta.One

Property investors use property tokenization on GMeta.One

GMeta.One is completely submerged in the metaverse science and all implications of the technology. While the global real estate investment market is enormous, the same can’t be said for financially-equipped investors. The access to private and investment property is perpetually low around the world, as a small percentage of people in many countries are actually able to qualify for funding or save the typically large sums of capital required to get involved in serious real estate investing.

When individuals do get involved and active in traditional real estate investing, oftentimes, because of high living and business costs relative to salary, along with a low level of liquidity normally accessible in real estate, things can be mildly lucrative often seasons, and even costly in some instances. This creates a strong argument for property tokenization use-case, and our metaverse platform is helping people to tokenize, and make their move over to the blockchain.

 What is property tokenization?

Property tokenization is the process of taking an actual physical property – an asset and securitizing it. The legal process involved with securitizing, or turning your asset into a legally tradable token on the blockchain, is one that should be met with care and an approach that is unique to every situation. The tokenization of property addresses obstacles in the market, namely illiquidity. Investors can create liquidity and provide an opportunity to other investors through the shared securitized ownership provided by the tokenization process.

Blockchain technology has given way to so many modern advancements. This practice of property tokenization empowers investors to obtain the real value of their property and issue tokens equal to the value of the underlying land. The whole asset doesn’t have to be represented by the token supply. It could be a percentage of the asset valuation which is sold as security tokens, creating the shared ownership condition, which creates liquidity for the physical property owner or investor, while also maintaining majority ownership of the securitized asset.

 Property tokenization and shared ownership model

Think if 20% of a $10 million dollar building or house was being tokenized and sold as security tokens. The total value of the shares would be equal to $2,000,000, which is equal to 20% of the $10 million dollar total value.

If 1,000,000 tokens are created, the value of each would be $2 in this case. So each of the security tokens could be sold for $2, a price reflecting the value of the securitized asset accurately.

This is a simple explanation of the tokenization concept to be able to comprehend it simply. Leveraged, or shared ownership, is established by an exact mathematical process involving appraisers, and other legally binding entities to guarantee the security and ethicacy of the information and valuations documented for trade purposes. GMeta.One believes property tokenization can help many more individuals potentially become profitable real estate investors.

 Comprehending the upside for investors

In the model above, if the liquidity created through sale of the security tokens is partly used to perform upgrades and renovations, there would be a chance that the property value would then go up.

Let’s say there was a sizable strategic investment made that increased property value by an even 20%, moving it from $10 million dollars up to $12 million. But what this also means is that the value of the 20% token distribution moved  -from $200,000 to $240,000. Also each of the 1,000,000 tokens went from $2 in price to $2.40 in value per token.

Appreciation affects the entire chain positively in the real estate process. By now you should be able to see how having access to liquid can help aid property owners and larger investors with funds to make positive changes and develop sophisticated real estate projects.

Upgrades, renovations and any other positive changes to the underlying asset, can impact the property owner and tokenized property shareholders when development is managed closely and effectively. Large renovation projects or small significant value-affecting changes to the property, zoning, business processes, technology and so much more, can lead to significant spikes in value, offering property owners significantly greater control of their properties, business development and financial fate.

 Liquidity unlocked through property tokenization

Property tokenization gives the power of liquid to the tokenized property owners. GMeta.One helps to create the cash flow visionary-owners require to assist in property and asset development in that way. Virtual land investing and investing in the traditional real estate market, are totally different when it comes to liquidity for several reasons. The amount of money required to purchase property in the physical real estate market versus the virtual market, are completely opposite, and believe it or not – the profit margin is much higher in virtual land investing.

The liquidity in a real estate property is usually held as stored value reflecting only on paper, unable to be used as working, movable capital in many traditional instances. Houses and properties are fixed, or hard assets in that way. Typically there is little to no movement available for owners. This can often lead an investor to sell early due to stagnation in currency flow.

 Making your property make sense for you

A real estate property investment can be difficult to manage. The only time properties create a regular cash flow is when there is a business or individuals being rented to, or perhaps the property is used to secure and exercise an equity line of credit to use for an additional profit stream or property acquisition.

Property tokenization alleviates the lack of liquidity issues which are all-so-common in property holding and investing. Understanding the advances made possible by blockchain technology is pertinent. That’s why GMeta.One strives to help our users by offering a platform with easy-to-understand-and-apply methods with the associated tech to navigate through property tokenization and simplify the process real-time.

The potential liquidity made accessible to you, the owner or investor, upon going through all associated steps of the tokenization process, can be used to accomplish specific goals to help raise the value of your home or investment property with a substantial liquid capital infusion. Repairs, renovations, upgrades, modifications and so much more, is made possible through the tokenization process, putting an end to no or low liquidity issues.

 Fractionalized land and property: a shared ownership model

Another potential advantage of the tokenization process is significantly lower cost of entry & shared ownership for investors. 

Let’s take the same model from above. The process of tokenization took 20% of a building asset which was initially valued at $10 million USD and broke it into 1,000,000 tokens/shares so that retail investors would have the opportunity to buy as many shares as they like for only $2 per coin.

This can do amazing wonders for liquidity, as it creates trade volume since investors can buy and sell shares of the valuable asset at a fraction of its total value. The power of this shared ownership model is huge for the future of the land and housing market and physical asset acquisition. GMeta.One is attempting to help in the effort of positioning normal, everyday people to potentially benefit from  land and asset investing at a fraction of the typical cost.

Taking one asset and creating multiple owners by dividing it into shares – this is a revolutionary process that can be used to facilitate a many number of liquid-intensive undertakings, which not long ago weren’t possible due to fewer liquidity options before blockchain technology created new avenues of doing business and moving currency.

The distribution of land and property across our globe has been displaying signs of greater diversification amongst owners in recent years. Shared ownership through property tokenization should expand more rapidly, as the integration of the physical and virtual worlds continue to create new innovations that once weren’t even imaginable to most.

 Enhanced blockchain security for tokenized property

GMeta.One is intentional to highlight the increased security advantages provided by the blockchain environment for investors who may want to tokenize property. Securitizing real estate assets into security tokens is an advanced method of creating liquidity that didn’t exist more than a few years ago, so it is important to view it from the proper perspective – a technological advancement.

The speed and integrity provided by the trustless blockchain technology is one of the most secure financial reconciliation systems available to us today. The public ledger and various security measures of Binance Chain, Polygon, and other Ethereum-built blockchain networks, provides enough substantiated confidence to gain the confidence of most global investment banks and firms.

Security is also important when preparing to sell your security token for liquidity after successfully navigating the process of digitizing your property asset. The GMeta.One team has a myriad of business expertise between the whole, and will help you establish a thorough process which covers you from front to back. Security is our priority and from tokenizing your property, to preparing to sell, GMeta.One has you covered.

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Our native $GMONE token is involved in so many GMeta.One processes and ecosystem particulars. $GMONE is the power behind our NFT marketplace, GMetaVAcademy where users learn about crypto and the metaverse, our P2E games to come, avatar creators lab, business and advertising marketplace, and all other GMeta.One moving components already live and yet to come.

$GMONE is an NFT token, metaverse coin and so much more. The community of our faithful $GMONE holders benefit from flexibility with their hybrid metaverse tokens.

The GMeta.One platform has been developed for diversification and compounded expansion. Property tokenization adds another dimension to the inside specifications and involvement of our $GMONE token into all corresponding parts of our larger connected ecosystem.

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 Tokenize your property with technology on the GMeta.One platform

GMeta.One is the place for you to tokenize property of your own. Our metaverse and web3 focus will lead us to continue innovating both our own work, and the collective work being done by the many leaders asserting themselves to move the blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies forward in today’s world.

Some estimates have worldwide blockchain usage estimates under 1% of the almost 8 billion people on earth still. That means there is humungous potential still ahead for metaverse and all intersecting developments and technologies discoverable thanks to the key offered to us whereby we may peer inside.

The key – blockchain technology, is only at the tip of the iceberg in terms of us understanding the full capabilities that it brings. It is likely that we haven’t yet seen even the start of how significant it will be in assisting mankind with greater advances forward.

Use GMeta.One for it all. We are the metaverse company that exists for everyone to find their way in some way. The value being added to the virtual 3D world is unprecedented. Processes like property and asset tokenization, are empowering members of the global human community. GMeta.One can help you make the move forward to tokenizing your very own. Reach out today to see how you can tokenize your property!

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